Thursday, 24 July 2008

My Million Dollar Movie

Like movies? Ever wanted to be a film producer?? Well here is an opportunity. This Canadian TV director Casey Walker is selling the individual frames of the movie that he wants to make for $10 a piece, that's about £5, in order to raise the money to fund it. In return you will get a mention in the credits (if it's made) and a share of the profits if it's a hit! He seems really intent on doing it and is going all out to promote the idea but he's only sold just over 18000 frames at this time so he will need to go some to sell the remaining 125000 before the deadline of the end of 2009. If it's not started production by then he promises a refund of your cash, less his expenses. I think it is a great, fun idea and bought 2 frames for my wife. It is going to be a romantic comedy so it should be right up her street. It must be worth a tenner of anyone's money. Good luck to the guy!

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